THRIVE: Connect Photo Contest and Exhibition: Malaysian Cities

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The future of our world is deeply connected to how we build, manage, and live in our cities. Cities contribute to the environmental threats we face as a planet – climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and more – and sometimes aggravate poverty, inequity, ill health and social exclusion. But they also have the power, innovation, resources and drive to solve these problems and help the world thrive.

The United Nations (UN), working with all the world’s governments, has charted a pathway for addressing global challenges. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)address 17 areas critical to sustainable development – there’s even one for cities (SDG 11). The countries of the world, including Malaysia, have committed to achieving these goals by 2030.

The SDGs address many different issues, but the goals are strongly interconnected, in ways that may be obvious or subtle. Real-world problems often relate to more than one goal, and acting for one goal can make reaching another easier or harder. Some connections between SDGs are well-understood, but others are barely recognized. Getting the full picture will depend on inputs not just from governments and policy-makers, but also from scientists, entrepreneurs, members of civil society, and regular citizens.

The SCHEMA/Think City THRIVE: Connect photo contest asks you to find and capture SDG linkages in Malaysian cities. We’re looking for photographs of high aesthetic quality in terms of both image composition and in the use of the medium that highlight connections between SDG 11 on sustainable cities and communities and any other SDG. For example, your picture might show the links between urbanization and clean food or water, decent work, or climate change in Malaysian cities.

We will use your photos to tell a story about how critical connections are to healthy, sustainable communities, and how recognizing them will help us achieve the SDGs. Ten winning pictures will be featured in a new publication, THRIVE: Connect, a follow-up to THRIVE: 2 and THRIVE: Global, which used art to show new perspectives on urban health. Winning photos will also be featured at the 9th World Urban Forum, the major United Nations event focusing on cities, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur in February 2018, and at an exclusive Think City exhibition at RUANG. Submitted photos will also be highlighted on social media and on the

This contest is open to photographers of all ages and backgrounds. Photographs will be judged on aesthetic quality and the extent to which the Contest brief has been meet. Help us see the connections you see between SDG 11 and the other SDGs.  Take a look at the SDGs here, and get snapping!

See the following site for submission details: