1st ALTERSEA Videoconference: From Social Regulation to Social Movements - Alterpolitical Engagements Across Southeast Asia

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July 7, 2021 to July 9, 2021
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Anthropology, Southeast Asian History / Studies, Area Studies


From Social Regulation to Social Movements –

Alter-political Engagements Across Southeast Asia.


Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the international conference ALTERSEA in its digital format. Through cross-disciplinary approaches, the contributors will dialogue on social movements and social activism, as well as less visible initiatives, marginal or infra-political forms of protest and resistance and what we could consider as social systems of political regulation. Presentations that highlight issues related to the COVID-19 crisis are welcome, though we also encourage contributions that do not exclusively address this topic, as well as presentations with theoretical approaches.


The format consists of 15-minute pre-recorded presentations (videos or animated power points, that should be sent to us in MP4 format, 500Mb max.). The video presentations will be posted on our Youtube channel so that all speakers and external audiences can view them. Each panel discussion will last 90 minutes and will take place on ZOOM (live streaming) on Wednesday July 7th, Thursday July 8th, & Friday July 9th 2021. A full detailed program will be shared with all speakers and the public on our website by June 1st 2021.


Please find all the relevant details at :



We are looking forward to exchanging views and ideas with you!


Yours sincerely,

Gabriel Facal, Gloria Truly Estrelita & Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux

Contact: altersearn@gmail.com


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ALTERSEA is hosted by Centre Asie du Sud-Est, Paris. We study social movements and social activism, as well as systems of social regulation that are less visible but sustain local capacities of political action. Our observatory develops a variety of axis of study in six clusters: environmentalism, religiosities, cultural heritage, political participation, non-merchant transactions, subjectivities & subjugation.


We work in partnership with several scientific institutions in France, Southeast Asia and abroad, under the supervision of a scientific council, and in connection with working groups in the different countries studied. In addition to the qualitative field surveys that we encourage, we emphasize the participation of alter-political groups and the local populations.

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