CFP - Passages: Locating Global Traditions in SE Asian Music and Performance

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Passages: Locating Global Traditions in SE Asian Music and Performance

An Interdisciplinary Symposium

Sponsored by

 Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies Program

Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

College Arts and Humanities Institute

At Indiana University


April 19, 2019 on the Campus of Indiana University, Bloomington

Coinciding with the visit of Sin Isan, a group of musicians from Thailand – this symposium offers an opportunity to foster connections between practice and scholarship Southeast Asia.

Papers and performances from Thailand are highly encouraged— we wish to

develop a conversation across the region among different artistic genres.


The Arts of Southeast Asia, such as music and performance, are often represented as part of a “global tradition” around the world. Taking tradition as a construction and function of modernity, this symposium seeks to develop conversations around how globalization effects the practice, production, and dissemination of various performance forms.

Possible topics might include:

  • How globalization has impacted the role of tradition within modern Southeast Asia—how to define a “global tradition”;
  • Various ways in which tradition is relevant to and functions within Southeast Asian society and identity;
  • What is the relationship(s) between tradition and popular culture? Can music, performance, film, or literature ever function as both;
  • The role of UNESCO’s ICH programs in the preservation and continuation of traditional performances—how will ICH policies favor some traditions over others and understandings of what constitutes a “tradition”;
  • How does tourism and global performance circuits represent tradition as a commodity and universal experience;
  • The role of ASEAN in safeguarding regional tradition and the role of tradition within the formation of a regional community;
  • How do museums contribute to preserving and sharing tradition globally—how are ephemeral traditions represented by objects for international audiences;
  • What are the roles of world music and nonwestern performance classes in the university arts or general education curriculum;
  • How does tradition function within the Southeast Asian diaspora;
  • Case studies of particular performance groups, genres, or countries and how each might navigate or complicate relationships between tradition and modernity;
  • A performance, demonstration, or workshop of a genre or type of traditional performance;
  • Other issues, concerns, or topics related to the theme of globalization and tradition in Southeast Asia.


The symposium is interdisciplinary and seeks participation from scholars and artists in ethnomusicology, folklore, anthropology, music, art, theatre, comparative literature, geography, area studies, and other disciplines. 


For consideration please submit a 150-200 word abstract including title, affiliation, and contact information, to Jennifer Goodlander, by February 15, 2019. Selected papers, panels, and performances will be notified by March 1, 2019.  Innovative ideas are encouraged! There is no fee to register or participate.