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Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol 36, No 3 (2017)

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The journal deals with issues such as urban poor and electoral politics in Jakarta, territorial disputes in Southeast Asia, political authority in Vietnam, and more.


Research Articles

  • Amalinda Savirani, Edward Aspinall: Adversarial Linkages: The Urban Poor and Electoral Politics in Jakarta
  • Nicole Jenne: Managing Territorial Disputes in Southeast Asia: Is There More than the South China Sea?
  • Phimmasone Michael Rattanasengchanh: The Role of Preah Vihear in Hun Sen’s Nationalism Politics, 2008–2013
  • Adam Fforde, Lada Homutova: Political Authority in Vietnam: Is the Vietnamese Communist Party a Paper Leviathan?
  • Martin Gainsborough: The Myth of a Centralised Socialist State in Vietnam: What Kind of a Myth?


Book Reviews

  • Deniz Kocak: Book Review: Nygaard-Christensen, Maj, and Angie Bexley, Fieldwork in Timor-Leste: Understanding Social Change through Practice
  • Felma Joy Tadios-Arenas: Book Review: Aguilar Jr., Filomeno V., Migration Revolution: Philippine Nationhood and Class Relations in a Globalized Age
  • Antje Missbach: Book Review: Tapsell, Ross, Media Power in Indonesia: Oligarchs, Citizens and the Digital Revolution