New Articles of Interest in the Pacific Historical Review

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The Pacific Historical Review recently published the following articles that may interest H-SEAsia list subscribers:

- “Protecting Slaves and Aborigines: The Legacies of European Colonialism in the British Empire” by Christina Twomey

- “A Voice for Slaves: The Office of the Fiscal in Berbice and the Beginning of Protection in the British Empire, 1819-1834” by Trevor Burnard

- “Archives of Protection: Language, Dispossession, and Resistance in 1840s Port Phillip District and New Zealand” by Rachel Standfield

- “Creating the Aboriginal Vagrant: Protective Governance and Indigenous Mobility in Colonial Australia” by Amanda Nettlebeck

- “The Protector, Plantocracy, and Indentured Labour in Natal, 1860-1911” by Goolam Vahed

- “The Moment of Release: The Ideology of Protection and the Twentieth-Century Assimilation Policies of Exemption and Competency in New South Wales and Oklahoma” by Katherine Ellinghaus

These articles can be accessed via the following link:

For nearly a century, the Pacific Historical Review has documented the rich history of the American West and the peoples and cultures of the Pacific world. We welcome submissions exploring the national histories of Pacific rim countries and peoples in Asia, Latin America, North America, and beyond. Recent work has explored cross-cultural and comparative studies, race and ethnicity, the history of empire and imperialism, environmental history, gender and sexuality.

Marc Rodriguez, Editor

Pacific Historical Review