Trump Transition in Historical Perspective: Draft Annotated Bibliographies

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On behalf of the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, I'm posting the first fruits of our invitation to environmental and other historians, two annotated bibliographies on environmental transitions resembling the current one under Trump.   These are first drafts; please feel free to nominate your own or others' scholarship to be added.   The final versions wil be used to prepare our report  on the first 100 days of the Trump Administration; we also hope they can prove useful for further scholarly and other discussion, as well as for course syllabi.  

1. Annotated bibliography of the U.S. environment transition under Ronald Reagan, including key newspaper coverage from the time.

2. Annotated bibliography of the Canadian environment transition under Stephen Harper.

Final versions will be posted in the new H-Commons list H-Envirohealth.   Please provide any additions or edits to these by "replying" to this post or sending an email to and/or   

If you'd also like to get further involved with our group, please let us know.  Plenty of good work to do, and we welcome new energy and ideas.

Chris Sellers for the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative