Anthropocenica. Journal of Anthropocene Studies and Ecocriticism - issue 4

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Call for Papers
March 31, 2023
Subject Fields: 
Philosophy, Literature, Environmental History / Studies, Sociology, Political History / Studies

The call for papers for the fourth issue of Anthropocenica. Journal of Anthropocene Studies and Ecocriticism is open until 31 March 2023.

Original and unpublished contributions on topics related to the objectives and scope of the journal are accepted, in the form of (1) articles; (2) reviews; (3) translations.

Research articles from PhDs in single authorship or in co-authorship will be evaluated. Research articles by PhD students co-authoring with a doctorate are also accepted for evaluation. This restriction does not apply to the submission of reviews, which can be authored or co-authored by PhD students.

Anthropocenica is an academic journal in open access, operating under the anonymous peer review system. Each submitted paper will be sent to two reviewers previously invited to evaluate it, according to the academic quality, originality and relevance to the objectives and scope of the journal.

Proposals must be submitted through the Journal`s website ( If you are accessing the Journal for the first time, you must register to be able to submit your article (instructions for registering here).

Instructions for authors can be found here.

For more information, contact:

Contact Info: 

João Ribeiro Mendes

Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy of University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

President of INfAST- Institute for Anthropocene Studies, Braga, Portugal