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Dear colleagues,


I am writing to request your support for the journal Anthropology of East Europe Review. This message is both a call for volunteers and a call for content. 


First, as I currently work on an entirely volunteer basis, I am sending out a call for volunteers to be part of the journal’s editorial board. This will contribute to an expansion of editorial-reviewed research papers. Any research paper submitted will be reviewed by me as well as at least one member of the editorial board. While not quite as rigorous as peer review, I hope that by establishing a review board, it will make the journal a more desirable place to submit. Given that we have received very few submissions of late, I expect that if you volunteer, you would not receive requests to review research articles more than one time per year. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact me with a brief summary of your areas of interest and expertise.


Second, if you are interested in reviewing a book, please feel free to contact me with your areas of interest; with suggestions for books that you might review; or suggestions of others who might be willing to review books. I intend to keep the book review section of the journal largely as is, although I am interested in expanding to include non-anthropological texts, as some of you suggested. I am also interested in establishing submission for review essays that will address several books in a related field in conversation with one another. If you are interested in taking on the task of book review editor, please let me know (this was my previous role at the journal and I am happy to talk about the details).


Finally, I am very enthusiastic about rejuvenating the “Notes from the Field” section of the journal. Authors are invited to submit research notes or notes from the field, which can reflect on research or theoretical issues in progress. This is a feature of the journal that last appeared in 2013 (Issue No. 1). These articles will be reviewed by the editor, possibly in consultation with a member of the review board. Here, I encourage graduate and undergraduate students to submit their work, as well as established scholars in the field.


Please feel free to share this call in your networks; apologies for any cross-posting. 

Emily Channell-Justice

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