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Soyuz invites submissions for participation in its sponsored panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, to be held in Washington DC (Dec 3-7, 2014). The theme of this panel is theory and discourse across post-socialisms. We welcome all paper proposals that address this theme, broadly defined. Proposals that address current research or other thematically relevant issues beyond the Post-Soviet sphere are particularly encouraged. 

The full abstract of the Soyuz AAA panel is as follows:

20 years of Soyuz: Theory and discourse across post-socialisms.

This year, in recognition of its 20th anniversary, the Soyuz Research Network for Post-socialist Studies remembers the original purpose that inspired its founding: the creation of a community of scholars working in the field of post-socialism and a space in which knowledge can be made, experiences shared, and new theoretical approaches to post-socialism developed. This invited panel embodies these same values, bringing together scholars from a variety of regions and areas of topical interest to offer new theoretical accounts of what post-socialism actually represents to those living and researching today. In particular, the work presented in this panel presents new and creative answers to long standing questions, including:

  • Have we as community of scholars adequately answered the call to make post-socialism a critical standpoint, rather than an area studies problem?  
  • What cultural forms and discourses remain salient only on a local scale, and what common threads connect the lived realities of post-socialisms and new capitalisms across the globe?
  • How do research projects across post-socialist realms speak to each other, and what elements of human culture and experience can comparative studies of post-socialism illuminate?

Through this dialogue, Soyuz aims to build stronger connections between scholars and across regions, to foster debate about the theoretical core and practical boundaries of post-socialist studies, and to welcome the next 20 years of scholarly collaboration.

To submit a proposal for this panel, please submit your paper title and an abstract of no more than 250 words to Jennifer Carroll at by March 15.

Abstracts will be reviewed by Soyuz officers. The authors of selected papers will be notified by April 1. The final panel will be submitted to the AAA Executive Program Committee for final approval by April 15. 

Do not hesitate to reply to me (off list please) with any questions. 
We look forward to receiving your proposals!


Jennifer J. Carroll

Soyuz Program Coordinator

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