Intensive Summer School: Environment and Society in Turkish and Global Contexts

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As Ibn Haldun University & Penn State University

We are delighted to announce our Intensive Summer School:

Environment and Society in Turkish and Global Contexts
June 13-24, 2022, Süleymaniye Complex, Istanbul

The departments of history at Ibn Haldun University and Penn State University are happy to announce an intensive summer school on environmental history titled, “Environment and Society in Turkish and Global Contexts.”

The program will run for two weeks and is comprised of lectures, discussion sessions, and field trips around the historic capital Istanbul. It will feature some of the most prominent figures in the field, including:

Halil Berktay (Ibn Haldun University, Turkey)
Lisa Brady (Boise State University, USA)
Suraiya Faroqhi (Ibn Haldun University, Turkey)
John R. McNeill (Georgetown University, USA)
Julia Adeney Thomas (Notre Dame University, USA)
The program will be held at the iconic Süleymaniye Complex, built in the middle of the sixteenth century by Sultan Süleyman I.


$400 (includes lunches, tea/coffee, and field trips)
Seats are limited to 20 people


To apply, please submit your CV and a short letter of interest to


Application deadline: April 15, 2022
Decision notification: April 22, 2022
Program dates: June 13-24, 2022

If you have questions about the program and housing recommendations, please feel free to e-mail the IHU Summer School Deputy Directorate at

Here is the link for the announcement:

Organized by

M. Fatih Çalışır (Ibn Haldun University)
Faisal Husain (Penn State University)