CfP: ICMS 2022 (online)

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CfP: Two Sponsored Sessions at the International Congress for Medieval Studies

May 9-14, 2022 online

Convener: Great Lakes Adiban Society

300-word abstract due: September 15, 2021 


Panel 1: Sociability between Justice and Tyranny

This panel considers Islamicate ambivalences toward sociability and despotism to better understand the competitive nature of friendship and the seductive pull of absolutist rule by closely reading and contextualizing a wide variety of pre-modern texts. 


Panel 2: Medieval Islamicate Paratexts in Contexts

This panel will explore the nature of the paratext in the lettered traditions of the medieval Islamicate world and ask how developments in textual technology (manuscript, lithograph, print, digital) as well as practices of reading and editing have changed how such works are understood and valorized.


Follow this link for further details on the panels and directions on how to submit your 300-word abstract. 

We welcome any scholars engaging all manner of traditions and texts from across the pre-modern Islamicate world. Abstracts are due September 15, 2021 via the ICMS submission portal

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