New Journal: Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society

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From: Amy Singer <>

The first issue of the new academic journal, Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society, has just been published. The first issue of the open-access journal can be found here: Please share on with your additional networks! Below please find the table of contents:



Editors' Note

1.Introduction by Scott C. Alexander and Shariq Siddiqui




1.American Muslim Philanthropy after 9/11 - Kambiz GhaneaBassiri

2.Fostering Muslim Civic Engagement through Faith-Based Community Organizing - Brad Fulton

3.Giving Behavior in Turkey: Determinants of Individual Donations and Volunteering - Ali Çarkoğlu, David Campbell, and Selim Erdem Aytaç

4.Exploring the Giving Practices in American Mosques: Why Do Muslims Give So Little to Their Mosques? - Ihsan Bagby



Book Review

1.Book Review of Faith and the State: A History of Islamic Philanthropy in Indonesia - Rafia Amina Khader




1.Summary of 2016 Symposium on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society - Rafia Amina Khader

2.Reflections on Session I - Framing Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society - David King

3.Reflections on Session IV - Muslim Philanthropy in Practice - Cathie Carrigan

4.Muslim Philanthropy’s Response to Rising Humanitarian Crises - Tariq Cheema

5.Situating Muslim Philanthropy in Time and Place - Barbara Lethem Ibrahim

Professor Amy Singer
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