Upcoming Lecture by Carter V. Findley - Enlightening Europe on Islam and the Ottomans: Mouradgea d’Ohsson and His Masterpiece

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Dear Colleagues, 

I would like to inform you about an upcoming lecture organized by the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Initiative at NYU (OTS-NYU) and Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at NYU on Friday May 14, 2021 at 12:30 (EST). Below you can find the abstract, as well as the link to register for the lecture. 

Lecture Title: Enlightening Europe on Islam and the Ottomans: Mouradgea d’Ohsson and His Masterpiece

Lecture Abstract: What did Europe’s enlightened rulers need to know about Islamic law and the state to get along with the greatest Muslim ruler of the age? If Mouradgea d’Ohsson could have published his entire work before the French Revolution, his Tableau général de l’Empire othoman would have been recognized then and since as providing precisely that guidance. This was the most authoritative work ever yet published on Islam and the Ottomans. Profusely illustrated with 233 engravings, the work also offered the century’s richest collection of visual imagery on the Ottomans and opened deep insights into the processes and politics of illustrated book production in this period. The demand for this work sprang from an episode unique in the annals of European states’ relations with the Ottomans: a reigning European monarch, Sweden’s Charles XII’s five-year residence with a large entourage at Bender in Ottoman Bessarabia (1709-1714). Prof. Findley will present an illustrated lecture about d’Ohsson, his monumental work and its illustrations, based on his 2019 book, which bears the same title as this presentation.

Link to register: https://nyu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYqdO-vrjotHNOA4QnEdSVrmISPCIpClcMq

Carter V. Findley is Humanities Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the History Department at the Ohio State University.

This lecture is a part of a series of events that will take place in the next several months under the rubric of the 2nd Mid-Atlantic Ottoman Studies Workshop

Contact email: abb12@nyu.edu