Call for Papers: 3rd International Süleymaniye Symposium, 24-26 September 2021

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Call for Papers: 3rd International Süleymaniye Symposium: The "Köprülü Era" (1656-1710) in Ottoman History: New Sources, New Approaches

24-26 September 2021

Ibn Haldun University, Süleymaniye Campus, Istanbul


The Third International Suleymaniye Symposium will revolve around the theme "The ‘Köprülü Period’ in Ottoman History (1656-1710): New Sources, New Approaches." The Köprülü family has profoundly shaped Ottoman history in the second half of the seventeenth and the early eighteenth centuries. The concept of household and the patronage of the family members have been traditionally at the center of studies concerning the Köprülü era. However, many new sources, recent articles, books, dissertations, and projects have opened new frontiers while also expanding on the existing assumptions and approaches about the period. 

The symposium aims to bring together a large number of international experts from the fields of Ottoman and European history and introduce new perspectives on the role the Köprülü family played in Ottoman and European history.


Abstract submission deadline: 31 May 2021

Paper acceptance notification date: 15 June 2021

Full paper submission deadline: 1 September 2021


E-mail address for abstract submissions and inquires:


The symposium is organized in collaboration with Ibn Haldun University's Department of History, and  the project group "Online Edition of Sources on Habsburg-Ottoman Diplomacy (1500-1918)" at the Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences.