New Book Ottoman Inscriptions in Northern Black Sea Countries

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SOTA Research Center for Turkish and Arabic World annouces a new publication:

Tütüncü, Mehmet. Karadeniz kuzeyinde osmanli kitabeleri : Ukrayna, Moldova, Rusya,Gürcistan, Litvanya. -[ Ottoman Inscrıptıons ın Northern Black Sea Countrıes] Heemstede : SOTA, <2020>. 300 pages ; 24 cm (Corpus of Turkish Islamic inscriptions ; Nr. 19). (paperback)  ISBN: 978-90-6921-023-0

This 19th volume of the Corpus of Turkish Islamic Inscriptions series is devoted to the Inscriptions along the Northern part of the Black Sea Regions. These include Ukrainian territories (excluding Crimea, because the abundance of Crimean Inscriptions needs a separate volume,) Russia, Georgia, Moldavia and also two inscription from Lithuania.

There are 86 Inscriptions in this volume. Ukraine is the richest with 64 Inscriptions, then follows Moldova with 12 inscriptions and hereafter comes Russia with 5, Georgia with 4 and Lithuania with 2 inscriptions. As distribution to the cities Hotin (7), Kamanetsk(1), Izmail (10), Kiliya (4), Özi (Ocahakov) (4), Akkerman (5), Odessa (19), Herson (11), Gazikermen (2) ve Strizavka (1) cities in Ukraine.

From Russia Temruk (2), Anapa (2), Soğucak (1) and Georgia Sohumkale (2) ve Faş (2);

Moldova's main Ottoman city Of Bender has 12 inscriptions.

All inscriptions are deciphered and commented on in their historical and cultural framework and aspects.


165x240 cm, softcover. 

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Language: Turkish with Russian Long abstract at the end.

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