Publication: International Journal of Turkology (June, 2020)

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Dear H-Turk members, 

On behalf of the editorial staff of the International Journal of Turkology (IJOT), I would like to announce the publication of our newest issue, (June 2020). This is the sixth issue of a monthly published journal on Turkish and Islamic material culture: Inscriptions, architecture, art-history, history, manuscripts in the broadest sense.

A wide range of articles related to the Turkish and Islamic world will be published in our magazine, it is different than the academic journal. The format.will be 1 or 2 articles

will be published every month. We accept articles, in Turkish, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Italian.

The journal is committed to inviting new research on understudied topics and reaching out to a broad international readership.

The 6th volume is a special issue that explores a forgotten city on the edge of the Danube. City of Ismail (Izmail) now located in Sothern Ukraine has a very special history.  Ismail established in 1589 by a special decree of Sultan Murad III was once a thrilling city, with a multi-ethnic community. The city was established in 1589 by an Ottoman Black Eunuch, Chief of Sultans harem, Abyssinian Mehmed Agha, who dedicated the incomes form the city to the Holy cities of Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem. Ismail was important because it was located on a famous crossing point of Danube. Before the Ottomans, it was yearly visited and looted by brigands. The Ottoman Sultan Murad III decided to establish a fortress and a city, and the order was given to Habeshi Mehmed Agha, who with great efforts mobilized a whole set of Ottoman government bodies to found the city within a few years. In that year, all the infrastructure for a prosperous city was implemented. A fortress, a Khan, a Mosque, a customs authority, a shipyard, etc. were established. Ismail became a prosperous city for the coming 200 years.  Until it was destroyed in 17900 by a Russian assault.

These are the  articles in this issue:

Andrey Krasnozhon History of Izmail City and Fortress

Sayfa 6-10

Andrey Krasnozhon Historical Map of Izmail (reconstruction based on historical maps)

Sayfa 12-17

Mehmet Emin Yılmaz İsmail Geçidi’nde Habeşî Mehmed Ağa Câmii Restütüsyon Denemesi

Sayfa 18-37

Okay Sütçüoğlu Rusya Devlet Arşivinden 1795 Tarihli İsmail Şehri Haritasına Göre; Tuna Nehri’nde Bazı Osmanlı Dönemi Gemilerinin Analizi

Sayfa 38-66

Berat Açıl Habeşî Mehmed Ağa’nın (ö. 1590) Vakfettiği Kitaplar ve Akıbetleri

Sayfa 67-88-

Hülya Yarar Çakıroğlu Ismail Kalesi Kuşatması (Osmanlıca metnin transkripsiyonu)

Sayfa 88-92

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Our next issues in July will be dedicated to: Bender (Moldavia)

You can download this issue and former issues  from next webpage in academia. edu.

We look forward to receiving your contributions, comments, and suggestions.