A Membership for a New Organization: Global Urban History Project

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Dear Colleagues,

The Global Urban History Project-GUHP -coordinated by Professor Carl Nightingale and led by the board of directors and international advisory council from different disciplines and geographies- is an important research network and a member-supported organization. GUHP has been a meeting place for scholars interested in exploring the crossroads of urban history and global history since 2017.  GUHP's goal is to encourage the study of cities as creations and creators of large-scale or global historical phenomena. This requires minimizing the Eurocentric and U.S.-centric focus of urban history, while also connecting early-modern and pre-modern historians with those who work on more recent periods. This email invites you to sign up for this organization as Turkish and Ottoman historians. This project and network needs your representation and collaboration. You can join this important platform in order to meet hundreds of urban historians and follow the latest developments in urban studies! 

You can sign up for this international urban history network online, through the website, for free or with a small contribution.

Please follow the link below to get more information and to be a member:


(The website includes Turkish intro of GUHP, as well)

Yunus Ugur, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Istanbul Sehir University,

Department of History

Director, Center for Urban Studies