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The award-winning Arcadian Library Online (www.arcadianlibraryonline.com) enables easy exploration of the rich holdings of the Arcadian Library, revealing the shared cultural heritage of Europe and the Middle East across the course of a millennium.


I’m happy to announce that we are featuring exciting new content from our History of Science and Medicine collection.


Learn about Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya al-Razi (https://www.arcadianlibraryonline.com/featured-content), also known as Rhazes, who was an important figure in the history of medicine. Did you know that he was the first to discern the difference between smallpox and measles in his work al-Judari wa al-Hasbah (A Treatise on Smallpox and Measles)?


In addition, we also have a new commentary article (https://www.arcadianlibraryonline.com/article?docid=ARCS_014&st=) for our module Europe and the Ottoman World: Diplomacy and International Relations, which focuses on the visual depiction of Ottoman culture in the works by European diplomats to the Ottoman Empire.


I do hope you enjoy the featured content and the commentary article. If you have any questions or would like a free institutional trial of Arcadian Library Online, please contact me at Alison.Ng@bloomsbury.com.  


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