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From: Safa Saracoglu <>

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for information that could help identify the purpose/significance of a robe that a friend inherited from a late Turkish-American citizen, Ozer Akra. Mr. Akra, the original owner of the robe,  was born in 1932. My friend believes that that robe came from his mother's father, who “held a rather high place in society and some wealth.” Here is what he noted about Mr. Akra: “His father was a doctor in the Turkish army and later was what we would call a country doctor. Ozer told me that when he was growing up his family didn't have much money. His father would take food and other necessities in return for his services.”

Here are the links to the images for this robe:

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M. Safa Saraçoğlu, PhD 
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Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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