Applications Open: Ottoman Turkish Summer School Program at the Center for Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Ibn Khaldun University, Istanbul (10-27 July 2017)

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Dear colleagues,

Please kindly share notice of this forthcoming Ottoman Turkish Summer School program at the Center for Ottoman and Turkish Studies (COTS), Ibn Khaldun University, Istanbul.

M. Fatih Çalışır, PhD

History Department

Ibn Khaldun University



Name: Ibn Khaldun University COTS Ottoman Turkish Summer School

Institution: Center for Ottoman and Turkish Studies (COTS) at Ibn Khaldun University

Dates: 10 July to 28 July

Application Deadline: 1 May 2017

Levels Offered: Two levels; intermediate and advanced

Target Student Profile: Students currently enrolled in Masters or Ph.D. programs. Qualified undergraduate students with demonstrated interest may also apply. Modern Turkish proficiency required.

Tuition: $400

Scholarship Availability: Limited scholarships available

Location: Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

Housing Availability: Not included

Visa Sponsorship (if applicable): No student visa needed. Visitor visa (if required for your passport) is enough.


Synopsis: Ibn Khaldun University Center for Ottoman and Turkish Studies (COTS) Ottoman Turkish Summer School is designed to develop reading and comprehension skills of the participants and their expertise on a variety of Ottoman sources including archival documents, manuscripts, and epigraphic material. The program is constructed to accommodate the needs of participants coming with different levels of Ottoman Turkish literacy.