Special section on Ottoman-European diplomacy, 1500-1800 in Osmanlı Araştırmaları / Journal of Ottoman Studies

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Colleagues may be interested to know that the recently published issue (no.48) of Osmanlı Araştırmaları / Journal of Ottoman Studies contains a special section on Ottoman-European diplomacy, 1500-1800. The papers presented are the fruit of a workshop held at the University of St Andrews in 2014, which focused on 'contacts, encounters, and practices', organised by Michael Talbot (University of Greenwich) and Phil McCluskey (University of Hull). You can read their introduction to this collection of papers here


Special Section on Ottoman-European Diplomacy, 1500-1800, Osmanlı Araştırmaları / The Journal of Ottoman Studies 48 (2016)

Michael Talbot & Phil McCluskey, 'Introduction: Contacts, encounters, practices: Ottoman-European diplomacy, 1500-1800'

Emrah Safa Gürkan, 'His bailo's kapudan: Conversion, tangled loyalties and Hasan Veneziano between Istanbul and Venice, 1588-1591'

Lela Gibson, 'Navigating the Qabusnamah's journey from Istanbul to Weimar: Ottoman-European philosophical exchange in the Age of Enlightenment'

Phil McCluskey, 'An Ottoman envoy in Paris: Süleyman Ağa's mission to the court of Louis XIV, 1669'

Michael Talbot, 'A treaty of narratives: Friendship, gifts, and diplomatic history in the British Capitulations of 1641'

Irena Fliter, 'The diplomats' debts: International financial disputes between the Ottoman Empire and Prussia at the end of the eighteenth century'