Hiking Istanbul's Hinterland

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From: Caroline Finkel <caroline@finkel.info>

Hiking Istanbul’s Hinterland:

Exploring Its Villages and Suburbs and the Places in Between —A Work in Progress

Caroline Finkel, with Nick Hobbs and HikingIstanbul 


Hiking Istanbul’s Hinterland... is the first publicly-available part of the Hikinglstanbul project, a multi-year attempt to create a network of c.20km day-hikes in the city's hinterland, on both sides of the Bosphorus. It can be read online or downloaded as a searchable pdf, with open access.

The work primarily describes the human aspect of the places where we have walked, pending the finalization of the GPS tracks for the hikes themselves.

Chapters include: Introduction; General Perspective; Water and Farming in the Hinterland; Brief essays on 56 historical villages and suburbs; Places of Interest; Bibliography.

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