Call for Applications: OTSA sponsorship at MESA panels and roundtables

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From: Baki Tezcan <>

A call for applications for OTSA sponsorship at MESA panels and roundtables

Each year OTSA grants institutional sponsorships up to three MESA panels
or roundtables. At the moment, these sponsorships do not carry any
financial support -- this might change in the future, partially
depending on our success in attracting new members (so, please consider
becoming a paid member if you are not one already:). They do not
guarantee the acceptance of the sponsored proposal by the MESA Annual
Meeting Program Committee, either. However, they could provide a little
bit more visibility for the panel or the roundtable if it makes it to
the MESA Annual Meeting. If you are planning to organize a panel or
roundtable at MESA in 2022, the deadline for MESA applications is on
February 16. If you would like to apply for an OTSA sponsorship, please
e-mail your proposal by Sunday, February 12, 11:59 pm (EST, 8:59 pm PST)
to our Executive Director James Ryan at,

In considering sponsorship requests, we will pay attention, among other
things, to the potential interest the proposed panel or roundtable would
attract from our membership. Thus, proposals that address larger
questions or issues of our field might have a better chance in securing
an OTSA sponsorship. We will review these proposals and inform the
organizers of the two panels/roundtable proposals we select, latest, by
Wednesday, February 15, the day before the deadline for MESA
applications (but likely earlier).


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