A new book on cities in Greater Syria during the Late Ottoman Period

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From: Yuval Ben-Bassat <yuval@research.haifa.ac.il>

We are happy to announce the publication of the following edited book on cities in Greater Syria during the late Ottoman period, which includes 13 chapters:

 From the Household to the Wider World: Local Perspectives on Urban Institutions in Late Ottoman Bilad al-Sham (University of Teubingen Press, 2022, 328pp), edited by Yuval Ben-Bassat and Johann Buessow


This edited book, which is available online, contains 13 articles on cities in late Ottoman Greater Syria ordered on a spatial scale, from local to global. Processes such as trade flows or imperial policies involve several or all of these spatial levels at the same time as they interact with each other on a regional or trans-regional level. Within the city, they manifest primarily in two sets of material structures: buildings and streets. The residential building and the residential street – often, but not exclusively, a cul-de-sac – define the realm of the neighborhood. Public spaces and buildings, such as streets connecting the different parts of the city to each other, markets and government buildings, define the city as a whole, and ideally, are open and available to all. The main overland roads connect the city to the wider world.

Table of Content:

Introduction: Ottoman Urban Institutions and Urban Governance: A Framework for Inquiry /  Yuval Ben-Bassat and Johann Buessow

 1. A Mamluk Household in Jaffa: The Case of Abu Nabbut (1805–1819) /      Mahmoud Yazbak

 2.  Structural Portraits of Elite Households in Gaza, c. 1900: Strategies and Patterns of Cooperation / Sarah Buessow

 3.  The Last Janissary Leader of Aleppo: ʿAbdallah Babinsi (1780s-1850), a Notable between Urban and Rural Spheres/ Feras Krimsti

 4.  Rethinking Urban Neighborhoods in Late Ottoman Bilad al-Sham: The Case of Gaza / Johann Buessow and Yuval Ben-Bassat

 5.  The Waqfs of Hajja sitt Ikhwitha and Khalil Dahmash in the City of al-Ludd: Local Agents of Urban Change / Tawfiq Daʿadli

 6.  The Arzuhalcis and the Changing Late Ottoman Urban Sphere in Gaza / Yuval Ben-Bassat

 7.  Gendered Reorganization in Late Ottoman Beirut: The Reciprocal Influence of the Domesticity Discourse and the Urban Space / Fruma Zachs

 8.  Performances of Late Ottoman Modernity: Culture, Entertainment and Leisure Activities in Pre-World War I Jaffa / Evelin Dierauff

 9.  The Municipal Compound in Late Ottoman Gaza: Local Appropriations of a Tanzimat Institution and their Visual and Material Communication / Johann Buessow

 10.  Contested Public Space in “Downtown Jerusalem”: Jaffa Gate and the Municipal Garden in Late Ottoman Jerusalem / Abigail Jacobson

 11.  Urban Infrastructure between Local Networks and the Wider World: The Tramway in Late-Ottoman Aleppo / Nora Lafi

 12.  Being Imperial, Being Ephemeral: Ottoman Modernity on Gaza’s Seashore / Dotan Halevy

 13.  “What did the Ottomans ever do for Us?” Modern Medicine and Administration in Late Ottoman Jerusalem / Yoni Furas


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