CfP ACLA 2023: New Directions in Ottoman Studies: Comparativism, Translation, and Temporality

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Cfp ACLA: New Directions in Ottoman Studies: Comparativism, Translation, and Temporality

Organizer: Mehtap Ozdemir

Co-Organizer: Ozen Nergis Dolcerocca

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In the past few decades, there has been an increasing emphasis on recovering transregional literary networks and vernacular epistemologies in reconfiguring the global formation of literature as a modern discipline. In line with this growing conversation on comparative modernities, this seminar hopes to bring together scholars who revisit the histories of Ottoman literary modernity from the perspectives of comparativism, translation, and temporality. Some questions panelists may consider include: How were emergent notions of literariness and aesthetics articulated? How were they formally registered? What generic and formal paradigms can we extrapolate from Ottoman Studies to the established disciplinary discourse on modernity? What were some regional translational channels and agents that enabled the circulation of ideas? What were some idiosyncratic translation practices? How did the philological study of world languages and the introduction of language families affect the existent linguistic relations in the late Ottoman world? How did it restructure current linguistic hierarchies and trigger different ideological dynamics? What were the fault lines and temporalities of political imaginaries that the nineteenth century created and sustained for Ottoman literary communities? We especially invite papers that explore transregional articulations of literary modernity in the empire, analyze vernacular concepts, and/or read creative writing (poetry-fiction)/translations in historical-formal terms. 

portal through which to submit paper proposals to seminar organizers is now open and will close on Oct. 31, 2022.

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