KESHIF e-Journal for Ottoman-Turkish Micro Editions

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Dear colleagues, I would like to draw your attention to our new online, peer-reviewed journal Keshif.


New Journal at the Institute for Near Eastern Studies, University of Vienna 

KESHIF e-Journal for Ottoman-Turkish  Micro Editions

Keshif  is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to collecting and editing short, interesting Ottoman texts and providing easy, free access to the material through a database with good search functions.

Here you find the Journal’s Mission Statement:

Keshif  is released twice a year with a summer and winter issue, the first issue will appear in winter 2023. The deadline for submitting articles is December 5, 2022. 

Keshif wants to devote itself specifically to those texts that often come to light by chance while working with manuscripts: Isolated poems, letters, contracts, marginal notes of various contents, which are too “marginal” to be published on their own and at the same time too interesting to be forgotten. We treat these texts like little stones, perhaps even only splinters, which, over the years, could develop to a beautiful mosaic. 


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