Posting Guidelines

H-Black-Europe welcomes posts in the following categories:
1. Calls for Papers (CFP)
2. Funding opportunities (FUNDS)
3. Queries (QUERY)
4. General announcements (ANN)
5. Reviews (REV)


Click on the yellow "Start a Discussion" button on H-German's main page to post a new message (you must be logged into your account and subscribed to H-German in order to do so). Post your content. Under "Categories" please label the kind of message you are posting (Call for Papers, Query, Announcement) and for "Tags" please describe the content of your post (ex: "Berlin, Cinema, Werner Herzog").

NOTE: All announcements will be labeled with the prefix ANN: in order to facilitate easy identification. All announcements must include the date, time, and location of the event, sponsoring group or institution and any other information the editors deem relevant to the announcement (such as cost of participation). Announcements judged incomplete will be returned for revision. The H-German editors reserve the right to apply more stringent criteria for announcements from institutions or groups with which they are unfamiliar.


The principle behind our guidelines is our desire to publish serious announcements that will be of high interest to our subscribers. While the general criteria for posting an announcement at H-Announce ( also apply to us, the additional, more stringent criteria apply to H-Black-Europe announcements. These criteria are intended as an extension of the principles described in our query policy (see below) and as guidelines for determining what interests our subscribers. Below are our guidelines:

1. In order to protect our subscribers from a flood of cross-postings and repeated announcements, we reserve the right to decline to publish announcements that do not correspond with our definition of appropriateness to the list purpose. Disputes will be resolved in consultation with our advisory board and its decisions are final. Publication of an announcement does not constitute editorial endorsement of its content either by the H-Black-Europe editors individually or as a group, the H-Black-Europe advisory board, or H-Net.

2. In the case of an individual talk, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the announcement, the announcement must be submitted or endorsed by someone with a sponsoring and verifiable institutional affiliation (USHMM, University, etc.) rather than the speaker.

3. We are pleased to publish CFPs from our subscribers for panels at conferences. CFPs should be written in a way that avoids fishing expeditions to "see who's out there." For a CFP from a single member, the announcer should provide a detailed description of what he or she expects to speak about, what sort of papers are being sought and/or what the subscriber envisions for the panel. CFPs with two or more participants already in place can be less detailed.

4. In line with H-Net policy, we do not publish announcements relating to for-profit services or any information accessible only on a paid basis. Institutions or groups unknown to us who charge conference fees must verify their non-profit status and upon request, provide a detailed explanation of the reasons for the fee charged in their announcement.

5. Due to the subject matter of the list, H-Black-Europe editors will be particularly vigilant with regard to materials that appear to glorify or support racism, fascism, neo-Nazism, or political extremism. While we encourage the discussion of such topics on a historical basis in line with the mission of the H-Black-Europe, we reserve the right to decline to publish materials that we deem to be primarily characterized by such qualities or motivated largely by a political rather than a scholarly agenda.