ANN: A Regarded Self -- Kaiama L. Glover, Elsa Dorlin, Tessa Mars, Carine Zaayman, Wayne Modest, April 1, 2021 12 pm ET

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April 1, 2021 6 pm (Amsterdam)/ 12 pm (New York) Zoom registration here.


As part of the Research Center of Material Culture at the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen in the Netherlands’  Thinking With Series, we have invited Ann Whitney Olin Professor of French & Africana Studies Kaiama L. Glover to be in conversation with Elsa Dorlin, Tessa Mars, and Carine Zaayman, moderated by Wayne Modest, around her new book A Regarded Self: Caribbean Womanhood and the Ethics of Disorderly Being (Duke UP, 2021). Anchored in rigorous literary analysis, Glover’s study asks us to pay attention to the gendered expectations that often determine our critical approaches to works of literature and their feminine protagonists. Her analyses propose “representations of adamantly self-articulating, sexually self-determining female characters,” as configured by writers who “present self-love—physical and emotional—as both provocation and critique” (14). Glover’s study asks us to think expansively about what it means to value the self above all else, and about how a woman’s self-regard might be “recognized as an achievement—a justifiable response to the prejudices and other perils of the existing communal order?” (10)