ANN: New Book series "Black Feminism on the Edge at Duke University Press with Series Editors Jennifer C. Nash and Samantha Pinto

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Black Feminism on the Edge
A Book Series with Duke University Press
Series Editors: Jennifer C. Nash and Samantha Pinto

The promise of Black feminist scholarship, theory, and thought is seemingly everywhere in academic, popular, and even administrative discourse. What does this mean for a field that has been developing its own complex genealogies for over fifty years in the modern academy-- and far longer if one considers foundational work in earlier periods and across transnational lines? Black Feminism on the Edge is devoted explicitly to Black feminism in its multiple forms, iterations, and locations. This book series aims to both tap into the renewed energy and attention
to the field and to ask, given its longer histories, what new and urgent scholarship in Black feminist thought can look like. What unexpected disciplines and methods can Black feminism touch, and how do unexpected objects and fields change how we tell the story of Black feminism? Black Feminism on the Edge seeks books that stretch the field, take Black feminism to new places, and do so with deep engagement and insight into its history, present, & future.

We welcome different styles of academic writing in the form of monographs, multi-authored books, and/or edited collections. First books are welcome and can be supported through a new Black Feminist Theory Institute and first book workshop sponsored by Duke University and Duke’s Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies Department. In addition, we welcome proposals for “Black Feminism &”-- a series-within-the-series consisting of short books meant as generative theoretical, methodological, political, and/or creative provocations. Any questions for or conversations with the series editors are welcome at: Formal proposals for monographs will be submitted through Duke UP as per their guidelines, addressed to DUP Editor Elizabeth Ault: Shorter proposals (2-3 pages) for the “Black Feminism &” subseries or edited collections can be sent to the series editors at the email address above.