ANN: Documentaries on Black Diasporic Communities in Italy

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Documentaries on the Black Italy Community


Fred Kuwornu's company production Do The Right Films Entertainment produces and distributes Award-winning educational documentaries exposing injustices, illuminating the power of community, and chronicling seldom-told stories of diversity in contemporary Italy, especially the Black Italians Community. In this particular this year, more universities are committed to increasing and allocating additional financial resources to support in different ways diversity and racial justice initiatives Black Lives Matter in their academic courses. More than 200 higher institutions have used our films to engage students in conversation about contemporary Italy. Documentaries are available in digital files for university libraries an classes  at our documentaries  page.


As we move into a protracted period of social distancing, we understand educators' need to move their curricula into the digital sphere. 


Hopefully, soon real guest speaker events will be restored, but now, for Fall, Black History Month and Spring Semester, I will be available via zoom-skype for online classes and/or online college events with two different brand new multi-media 45' minutes lectures + Q&A:   


  1. Black Lives Matter Italy and the Legacy of Italian Colonialism SEE MORE INFO
  2. Black Italians and Digital Culture in Contemporary Italy          SEE MORE INFO


Both online lectures (in english or italian) include moments of clips, stills, data to be attractive for the students and the cost is super affordable because there is not any travel-lodging-accommodation cost.