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Mohamed Wa Baile / Serena O. Dankwa / Tarek Naguib / Patricia Purtschert / Sarah Schilliger (Hg.) 

Racial Profiling

Struktureller Rassismus und antirassistischer Widerstand

2019 transcript Verlag, Bielefeld


Dixon, Carol Ann (2018) ‘Contemporary African art in Paris: from Magiciens de la Terre to Afriques Capitales,’ Soundings, Issue 68, pp. 110-127.  
This article looks at four international ‘mega-shows’ of work by African and African diasporan contemporary visual artists that have been exhibited in France over the last few decades, culminating in Afriques Capitales in 2017. These ground-breaking group exhibitions have showcased a wide range of paintings, sculptures, film and photography, mixed-media exhibits and installations. Each has made its own contribution to a better understanding of complex issues of race, cultural identity, citizenship, sense of place, nationhood and notions of belonging, and shown how these can be conceptualised, represented and communicated in the form of a fine art showcase.