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Some of you may have already recevied my email via email, please accept my apologies for the repetitiveness.  

My Name is Dane Peters and I am doctoral student in the Social Studies department at Teachers College at Columbia University here in New York City. I am also part of the Black Education Research Collective which mission is to generate new knowledge at the intersections of Black studies, culture, politics, and education to improve the quality of Black educational opportunities and outcomes in the U.S. and throughout the world.

I am part of team that over the last year have developed a Black Studies Curriculum for the New York City Public Schools from pre-Kindergarten to 12th Grade. The Director Dr. Sonya Douglas and I are interested developing relationships with institutes and people who engaged in Black Studies education in the K-12 settings in Europe, Americas and spaces where Africa and its children have been marginalized in the classrooms.  We would like to develop a relationship in developing a global network of educators committed to implementing black studies in the primary and secondary schools . 

What we are hoping to achieve is to develop or aid in developing curricula to captures the Black Experience throughout the curriculum beyond history and literature that allows students see the significant contributions to civilzations around the world. 

We are hoping a network of black history curriculum writers will have an exchange in frameworks, methodologies in their curricula design and implementation.  Below is our website and my contact information.


Black Education Research Collective (BERC) (


Dane Peters