H-PubAdmin decommissioned

H-Net Vice President of Networks Caroline Waldron                                  (Term Jan '22-Dec '24)'s picture

On April 5, 2016, H-Net Council voted to de-commission H-PubAdmin. The network has been largely unused. Rather than attempt to revive an unused network, we suggest H-PubAdmin’s 373 subscribers join our much larger and more active networks in related fields. These might include H-Law, H-Urban, and H-Pol. With over 2300 subscribers, H-Law is an active network on the history of all legal traditions sponsored by the American Society for Legal History. The editors there have recently begun an original podcast. H-Urban is focussed on urban history and urban studies and the H-Urban Teaching Center is especially impressive. H-Pol is dedicated to scholarly communication on the history of politics. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions about this decommissioning.


All the best,


Patrick Cox

H-Net Vice-President for Networks





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