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Over ten years ago, the H-Net Council passed a Strategic Plan for H-Net that envisioned what became the Commons.  H-Net would “implement an enterprise-wide content management system that encourages information sharing in a protected networked environment monitored by field experts” and “Plan for migration of content delivery technologies to web-based formats for editing, publication, and service.”

Slave or Free Black Testimony in Court

Is there any situation when a male or female slave or free black person in colonial South Carolina could have spoken in a legal forum (a court, or the Assembly, or before a governor, etc), perhaps, for instance, at the request of a white defendant?  If so, are there any such cases documented?  If there was no such permission ever granted by law, are there any irregular cases of such a person doing so anyway?  I am most interested in a court situation, but I'm curious about other contexts as well.

Thank you in advance,

Fred Witzig, Monmouth College, IL

SC Politics 1847-1852 - Recommended Reading


I'm currently researching the SC period of 1847-52 in regards to secession movement. I've been relying on Hamer's The Secession Movement and Barnwell's Love of Order. Are there other secondary sources you would recommend as valuable to understanding the period?



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