Pinckney Statesmen Papers Announces Publication of Volume 1

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The Pinckney Statesmen Papers is delighted to announce the publication of Volume 1 of The Papers of the Revolutionary Era Pinckney Statesmen Digital Edition. The volume is available online now through Rotunda, the digital imprint of the University of Virginia Press, at PREVIEW ACCESS IS FREE TO ALL THROUGH JANUARY 31. Access will be by purchase of an individual or institutional license at a modest cost thereafter.

The Pinckney Statesmen Papers is a multi-year initiative to collect, transcribe, annotate, and publish the correspondence and other public and private papers of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1746–1825), his brother Thomas Pinckney (1750–1828), and their cousin Charles Pinckney (1757–1824). These three South Carolina men played leading roles in military, political, economic, social, and diplomatic affairs on the state and national stages from the American Revolution through the War of 1812.

The Pinckney Statesmen Papers will provide easy access to a wide range of original material on the American experience of revolution and independence from a southern perspective. The completed edition will present a selection of some 3,000 documents taken from a larger corpus of approximately 10,000 items. It will include a variety of private and public papers—correspondence of all sorts, financial accounts and receipts, plantation records, organizational records, legal opinions and case papers, military orders and reports, political writings and speeches, legislative proceedings and resolutions, governors’ messages and proclamations, diplomatic instructions and agreements, and more. The search for documents has led us to over 80 repositories in the United States, Britain, France, and Spain—so far.

The Pinckney Statesmen Papers will give insight into a variety of subjects in the history of the United States and the American South in the revolutionary and early national periods. Topics include military administration and the practice of war, nation‑building and the first party system, state government and the role of the executive, European imperialism and American expansion, great‑power conflicts and neutral trade, international strife and its hazards for individuals, Indian sovereignty and white settlement, elite families and social networks, voluntary associations and social leadership, legal practice and social authority, the political economy of slavery and the activities of slaves, women’s experiences and female perspectives, plantation management and agricultural innovation, the ideals of virtue and honor and sensibility and refinement....

The Pinckney Statesmen Papers is intended for scholars, teachers, researchers, students, and ordinary curious-minded people. Check it out! Go to now.

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The Pinckney Statesmen Papers was conceived and launched by Constance B. Schulz, project director and professor of history emerita at the University of South Carolina. The project is sponsored by the USC History Department and funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.