The aim of this resource is to provide an extensive list of archives and libraries relevant to the diverse interests encompassed by H-Portugal.

The list is organised according to the locations of the libraries and archives. Links to websites are given and there is a brief discussion of lesser known entities .  

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Goa, India

Macao, China


Online Libraries | Bibliotecas em linha





This list only has some of the most importart libraries in the country. Note that from Porbase, a collective catalog of Portuguese Libraries, it possible to access the catalogues of the  nacional library and of 180 other institutions.


Biblioteca da Ajuda

Biblioteca de Arte da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Biblioteca Central da Marinha

Biblioteca Geral da Universidade de Coimbra

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Biblioteca Pública de Évora

Biblioteca e Arquivo da Assembleia da República




Academia das Ciências de Lisboa

The Academia das Ciências de Lisboa conserves one of the country's most important libraries. Over the course of the eighteenth century it formed an important collection of printed and manuscript works, which has since been subsequently enhanced with the addition of other libraries and collections such as that of the Franciscan Convento de Jesus.


Arquivo dos Diários

The Arquivo dos Diários, managed as a non-profit entity, is devoted to conserving autobiographical accounts in newspapers, letters or any other format that records the lives of men and women.


Acervo Infraestruturas, Transportes e Comunicação 

Former archive from BAHOP, Biblioteca e Arquivo Histórico do Ministério das Obras Publicas, Transportes e Comunicações


Biblioteca do Ministério da Economia

Includes former library from BAHOP, Biblioteca e Arquivo Histórico do Ministério das Obras Publicas, Transportes e Comunicações


Acervo Economia

Bibliographical and archival holdings of the Ministério da Economia amd related organisations.


AHM, Arquivo Histórico Militar 

Archive of the Portuguese army, dating back to 1640.


Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo

The Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo (ANTT) is a central state archive that conserves orignal documents dating back from the 11th century to the contemporary period.


Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino

The Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino conserves a wealth of textual and visual sources relatred to Portugal's international relations from the seventeenth century up until 1975.


Arquivo Histórico da Marinha


Biblioteca e Arquivo Histórico Diplomático


Centro Cientifico e Cultural de Macau

CCCM is a centre for inter- and multidisciplinary research on China and Portugal/Europe – China/East Asia Relations in the past and present. It holds the most complete and specialized Library on China in Portugal, and a documental repository on Macau in the past and the present.


Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa

The society's library was founded in 1876, and conserves around 66,000 works, a range of journals and some 6,000 manuscript documents.


Arquivo Municipal da Câmara Municipa de Lisboa

The Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa conserves holdings dating from the thirteenth century to the present day.





Biblioteca Nacional do Brasil

Biblioteca da Universidade de São Paolo

Contains the Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin

A collection formed by the José Mindlin and his wife Guita containing over 32 thousand titles.


Goa, India




Athaide Municipal Library, Mapusa 

Athaide Municipal Library is located in the Mapusa Municipal Council building. It was established on 12th November 1883. It as a total collection of 25129 books, 20 daily Newspaper and 50 Periodicals.


Goa Central Library, Panaji

The State Central Library is the oldest Public Library in India. It was established on 15th September 1832 by Vice Roy Dom Manuel de Portugal e Castro as ‘Publica Livraria.’ The collection of pre-liberation period consists mainly of Books and Journals in Portuguese, French, Latin, English and very few books in local language like Konkani and Marathi. The total pre-liberation collection was about 40,000 volumes.


Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Alto Porvorim

The Research Library houses a substantial collection of published and unpublished research material in English, Portuguese and other languages. The Xavier Centre of Historical Research was established in 1977 by the Society of Jesus (Province of Goa) and in 1993 it became a recognised affiliate of Goa University, for coordination of research and academic activity.



Goa Historical Archives / Directorate of Archives & Archaeology , Panaji

It contains source material relating to the history of European expansion in Asia & Africa especially the rise and decline of the Portuguese sea-borne empire of India (1510-1961).

Goa Historical Archives (via


Macao, China



Biblioteca Pública de Macau

Biblioteca Pública de Macau or Macau Public Library has several affiliated libraries: Macao Central Library, Sir Robert Ho tung Librbary, Taipa and Coloane libraries, among others. See:



Arquivo Histórico de Macau

It contains over 50,000 processos, 70,000 imagens, and over 10,000 volumes of books and other publications. It's holdings date back to 1630.





Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique, Maputo

Its holdings comprise a number of archives as well as a bibliographical collection devoted tothe history of Mozambique.


Online Libraries | Bibliotecas em linha


Alma Mater,  Biblioteca Digital de Fundo Antigo da Universidade de Coimbra

"ALMA MATER is the Digital Library of the University of Coimbra’s Old Document Collection, consisting of a vast collection of works, mostly published before 1940. It includes the rich bibliographic and documental heritage of the libraries of the various faculties, such as the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Letters, Department of Botany (Faculty of Sciences and Technology) and the General Library.

This digital library contains ancient books, manuscripts, letters, photographs, drawings, etc as well as parts of the collections of authors that studied at the University of Coimbra and of others that passed through and left here the fruits of their intellectual labour."


Biblioteca Digital. Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Biblioteca Digital Camões

Digital library of Instituto Camões. It has several old editions - books and periodicals  - from Instituto Camões, Comissão Nacional para as Comemorações dos Descobrimentos Portugueses, Expo'98, among others. 


Bibliotrónica Portuguesa


Hemeroteca Digital

The Hemeroteca Digital, is a project of the Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa (HML), and it aims to provide a digital library of newspapers and periodicals in the public domain.



"IMPACTVM is a digital library of academic articles and periodicals that aims to promote the knowledge produced in Portuguese-speaking countries, and boosts the editorial status of the titles referenced. Although it is based at the University of Coimbra, it is open to collaboration with the best journals throughout the Portuguese-speaking world."


Memórias de África e do Oriente

The Memórias de África e do Oriente portal is a digital library and archive project set up by the Fundação Portugal-África, which has been delivered by the Universidade de Aveiro and the Centro de Estudos sobre África e do Desenvolvimento since 1997. 


Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin

See above; 3.000 titles are available online as open access.


RUN - Repositório da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The Repositório da Universidade Nova de Lisboa aims to catalogue, conservea nd provides access to the University's academic publications. Note that all portuguese universities have similiar repositories. 


Internet Archive

It has more c. 30.354 ebooks and digitalized texts in portuguese.