Digital Resources

Digital Resources

The development of this directory of resources is an ongoing project. All the H-Portugal community is invited to submit proposals to extend the scope of this resource. Likewise, if any of the links fail to work, please let the H-Portugal editors know. Proposals or any other issues should be sent to




Biblioteca | Arquivo do Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

The Library | Archive of the National Theatre D. Maria II provides the digitalization of part of its most precious document collections, such as posters, stage photos, leaflets or music scores


Biblioteca de Arte da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

The Art Library is particularly focused on visual arts, architecture, and design. Its collections feature a wide range of materials relevant for research in the fields of artistic production and the history of art, at the national and international level.


Biblioteca Digital Ardies

Collection of Portuguese legal texts from the 19th century to the mid-20th century.


Biblioteca Digital Camões

The Camões Digital Library aims to be a repository of Portuguese culture, providing complete works available for free reading. 


Biblioteca Digital Luso-Brasileira

The Luso-Brazilian Digital Library is a website that gathers information from the digital collections of the National Libraries of Portugal and Brazil. It collects more than 60.000 titles, which corresponds to about 13 million images of bibliographic materials that are in the public domain.


Biblioteca Nacional Digital

The Digital Nacional Library of Portugal provides online and free of charge about 25.000 documents, namely books, periodicals, iconographical and cartographical materials, and music.


Casa Comum - Fundação Mário Soares

This website provides historical documentation from Portuguese Language countries.



Museums and Cultural Foundations


Fundação da Casa de Bragança

The website of the House of Bragança Foundation provides information concerning the collections of the Ducal Palace Library, as well as other data concerning the monuments and sites managed by the foundation.

Fundação das Casas de Fronteira e Alorna

This website is the result of a research project that studied the Room of Battles of the Fronteira Palace. It provides information and documents concerning the Portuguese Restoration War.


Lisboa em Azulejo antes do Terramoto de 1755

This project is focused on the analyses of the panel "Great Overview of Lisbon" preserved at the Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Tile Museum), which portrays the city before the Great Earthquake of 1755.


Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Comprising over 40,000 items, the MNAA collection has the largest number of works classified by the State as “national treasures.” In its various sections, it also has a number of major works of art in the context of the world artistic heritage.





Arquivo Científico Tropical - Digital Repository

The ACTD is a digital platform for the sharing and disseminating of t"tropical knowledge." Its collection comprises information and materials from a wide range of areas - Biology, History, Photography, Archeology, Anthropology, Oral Memory, among others. In the ACDT, it is also possible to consult the indexes of the Arquivo Histório Ultramarino collections.

The Portuguese web-archive (PWA) is the national web archive of Portugal. Its mission is to periodically archive contents of national interest available on the web, storing and preserving for future generations information of historical relevance. It is a service of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).


Inventário dos Arquivos do Ministério do Ultramar

The project to the inventory of the Ministry of the Overseas Territories archives aims to rescue the historical memory of the Portuguese presence in the Overseas by identifying and describing documents spread among several institutions.


Portal Português de Arquivos

The Portuguese Archives Website collects information from the repositories of the institutions that adhered to the Portuguese Archives Network.


Rádio e Televisão de Portugal Arquivos

The audiovisual archive of the RTP is a repository of the Portuguese collective memory from the beginning of the regular broadcasts of radio (1936) and television (1957) in Portugal to the current days. 





Diretório dos Repositórios Digitais (DRD) 

The Directory of Digital Repositories is a digital infrastructure that aims to identify and build referential access to Portuguese digital repositories in the areas of Science and Culture.


Estudo Geral - Universidade de Coimbra

Digital repository of the University of Coimbra.


RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal

Open access Portuguese scientific repositories


Repositório Aberto - Universidade do Porto

Digital repository of the University of Porto.



Digital repository of the University of Lisbon.



Digital repository of the University of Minho.


RIA - Repositório Institucional da Universidade de Aveiro

Digital repository of the University of Aveiro.


RUN - Repositório da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Digital repository of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.



Reference resources


General resources


Iberian Studies Web

The Iberian Studies Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in Iberian Studies (for Spain, Portugal, and Andorra). 



FCSH +Lisboa is a project of the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa that aims to connect the scientific production concerning Lisbon with the wider community.





Iberian Book Project

Iberian Books is a research project based at the School of History, University College Dublin, whose objective is to produce a foundational listing of all books published in Spain, Portugal and the New World or printed elsewhere in Spanish or Portuguese during the Golden Age, 1472-1700, as well as to create a suite of digital search tools to permit its investigation.


Memórias de África e do Oriente

This website provides a bibliographic database concerning the PALOP (Portuguese Language African Countries) and Goa.


Memória da Universidade do Porto

This website provides wide-ranging information concerning the history of the University of Porto - schools, leading figures, prizes and a gallery of images



Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Chronologies


Cronologias do Portugal Contemporâneo, 1960-2015

The website Chronologies of Contemporary Portugal covers a chronological scope from the 1960s to the present days. It is organized by decades and subjects: Politics, Economy, Society, Culture, and International affairs. 


Dicionário de Historiadores Portugueses: da Academia Real das Ciências ao final do Estado Novo

Dictionary of Portuguese Historians: from the Academia Real das Ciências (1779) to the end of Estado Novo (1974)


e-Dicionário de Escrita de Viagens

The e-Dictionary of Portuguese Travel Writing entries concerning travelers, works, typologies of writings and voyages, places, imagotypes, travel concepts, figures of speech, among others.


e-Dicionário de Termos Literários

The e-Dictionary of Literary Terms collects a wide number of technical terms related to the theory of literature, literary criticism, academic texts, and specialized bibliography on literary and cultural studies.


e-Dicionário da Terra e do Território no Império Português 

The e-DTTIP is a historical dictionary on subjects related to property rights and land management in the territories of the Portuguese Empire between the 15th and the 20th centuries.


EVE - Enciclopédia da Expansão Portuguesa

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of Portuguese Expansion is a project that provides multimedia contents of scientific, educational, and cultural nature on the history of the discoveries and the Portuguese expansion.


Memória da Universidade

A digital encyclopedia of Teaching, Science and Culture in the History of the University of Lisbon.



Historical Sources


AHS Arquivo de História Social

The AHS aims to preserve historical sources for the study of working-class movements during the twentieth century. It also includes important sources for the study of anarchist, corporatist, feminist and student movements, as well as African nationalist and Portuguese revolutionary organisations (1974-1982).


Amsterdam en Slavernij

This website contains sources concerning the Dutch-Portuguese slave trade.


diamang digital

The diamang digital provides documental, photographic and phonographic materials from the ex-Diamang - Companhia de Diamantes de Angola (Angola Diamond Company) archived in the University of Coimbra.


Genealogia FB

A repository of resources and documents of interest to genealogical studies.


Genealogies of Viceroys and Governors

The genealogies of the Viceroys and Governors of the Portuguese State of India of the 16th century.


Index of the Collection Manuscritos do Brasil

This index is a laborious work that provides interested people with some keys and preliminary references to go through the set of documents of the collection “Manuscritos do Brasil” (Manuscripts of Brasil).


Historical Documentation on the relations between Portugal and Morocco

The research, survey, and dissemination of historical documentation concerning the Portuguese in the Southern Morroco was the goal of this project, whose website provides a database of all consulted sources, an inventory of cartographical and iconographical materials, and the digitalization of the collection Les Sources Inédites de l’Histoire du Maroc.


Sources for the History of the Portuguese State of India in the 17th- 18th centuries

This project is directed at disseminating the content of this collection deposited at Direcção Geral de Arquivos (Directorate-General of Archives), which holds great importance for the study of the Portuguese presence in the East in the 17th and 18th centuries. Summaries of documents referring to 53 codices of this archive have been summarised.



This platform comprises Portuguese parish records that are spread among several archives.



Research projects


Arquivo Fotográfico Teófilo Rego

The information found in this database makes up the preliminary outcome of the research project FAMEP - Photography, Modern Architecture and the “School of Oporto”: interpretations around Teófilo Rego Archive. Through research of photographer’s Teófilo Rego (1914-1993) archival funds, FAMEP analyses the relationships established, in Oporto and northern Portugal, between photography and Modern architecture, in the period going from 1940 to 1970. 


Colonial mimesis in the Portuguese empire  

This website provides information and resources concerning historical and anthropological research related to colonial mimicry in the Portuguese empire.


Conhecimento e Reconhecimento em Espaços de Influência Portuguesa: Registos, Expedições científicas, Saberes tradicionais e Biodiversidade na África Subsariana e Insulíndia

The website of the project Knowledge and acknowledgment in territories under the Portuguese influence: registers, scientific expeditions, traditional knowledge and biodiversity in Sub-Saharan Africa and Insulindia assorted information concerning the project, its scientific outputs, and bibliographic databases.


Counting Colonial Populations. Demography and use of statistics in the Portuguese Empire, 1776-1890

The Counting Colonial Populations’ project aims to quantify and analyze the living conditions of the various ethnic, religious, free, and non-free groups that existed in the Portuguese Empire. This project goes far beyond numbers and quantification. It aims to uncover new evidence for research, particularly in the area of social history, but also political and administrative history.


Engenho e Obra. Engenharia Em Portugal no século XX

Ingenuity and Work - Engineering in Portugal in the 20th century is a project that maps conceptions, thought and achievements of the Portuguese Engineering during the 20th century.


History and Anthropology Timor Leste

This website offers updated information and resources for everyone interested in the history and anthropology of Timor Leste from the nineteenth century to the mid-1970s. It comprises a short biographical dictionary of Portuguese authors, online publications, a compilation of links, and news about associated events.


Lands Over Seas: Property Rights in the Early Modern Portuguese Empire

Website of the project "Lands over Seas". It provides information concerning the scientific meetings organized within the framework of this project and its outputs (publications and public presentations), as well as a range of digital resources, comprising bibliographic databases, repertoires, transcriptions and scanned images of primary sources.


Memorial de Ministros. Letrados e Lugares de letras. Portugal e Ultramar 1620-1830.

A searchable prosopographical database with records on more than six thousand judges that served the Portuguese crown, both in mainland Portugal and in its Overseas, between the XVIIth and the early XIXth centuries. The databse is maintained by Nuno Camarinhas and was developed during his research . The user can search both judges and jurisdictions. The website, in Portuguese, also includes a blog where content on the subjects related to early modern magistracy and justice administration will be added with the course of time.


Nation between Empires: Following the paths of Portuguese Jews in Eighteenth-Century London

The website Nation between Empires aims to connect both phases of this movement, providing information and historical sources on the path of New Christian/Jewish families and individuals from their origins and life in Portugal until their settlement in England and British colonial territories. Through a prosopographic approach, the objective is to disclose life paths, trade networks and geographic, economic and social mobility.


No trilho dos naturalistas

Online documentary film on the botanical expeditions in Africa carried out by naturalists of the University of Coimbra since the 18th century.


O Governo dos Outros: Imaginários Políticos no Império Português - Arquivo Digital 

The website The Government of Difference provides legislation about the political government of the populations of the Portuguese empire between 1496 and 1961. It contains a digital archive that assembles printed legislation and links to digital archives and libraries related to the main subject of the project.


Pensando Goa: Uma peculiar biblioteca me língua portuguesa

The website Thinking Goa - Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is an initiative of the DAYAJ Goa group, composed of researchers from academic institutions in diverse countries. It aims to publish academic work on Goa, as well as documents, literary texts, and artistic work, with the aim of constituting a vast interdisciplinary repository of thought concerning this former Portuguese colony, which is today the smallest State of the Indian Union. 


Revistas de Ideias e Cultura

The website Magazines of Ideas and Culture is a project dedicated to the study and reproduction of 20th-century Portuguese magazines, providing access to complete collections, indices, and ancillary documents for these primordial sources of cultural and political history. 


Romano Torres

The website of the project Romano Torres: um arquivo histórico representativo da edição contemporânea aims to provide information concerning the collection of the Romano Torres publishing house.


The Possessions of the Portuguese Merchant-Banker Emmanuel Ximenez (1564-1632) in Antwerp

This website provides access to a complete transcription and translation of the 1617 probate inventory of the moveable goods belonging to Portuguese merchant-banker Emmanuel Ximenez and his wife Isabel da Vega in Antwerp.



Literary and linguistic repositories


Archive of Goan writing in Portuguese

This blog collects several texts of Lusophone Goan literature.


Arquivo LdoD - Arquivo Digital Colaborativo do Livro do Desassossego

The LdoD Archive is a collaborative digital archive of the Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa. It contains images of the autograph documents, new transcriptions of those documents and also transcriptions of four editions of the work. In addition to reading and comparing transcriptions, the LdoD Archive enables users to collaborate in creating virtual editions of the Book of Disquiet.


Corpus Histórico do Português Tycho Brahe

The Tycho Brahe Parsed Corpus of Historical Portuguese is an electronic corpus of texts written in Portuguese by authors born between 1380 and 1881.


O corpus do português

The corpus contains 45 million words of data from the 1200s-1900s, and it can be used to look at the history of Portuguese. For the 1900s, it is equally divided between spoken, fiction, newspaper, and academic texts, which means that you can use it to compare genres of Portuguese.



Cultural Heritage Repositories


Bens Culturais da Igreja

Directory of Portuguese religious heritage.


HPIP - Património de Influência Portuguesa

Interactive database of the historical heritage built by the Portuguese across the world.



Online collective catalogue of Portuguese Museums