CFP: V CHAM International Conference - Frontiers of Humanity and Beyond: Towards new critical understandings of borders (updated)


The call for panels for the V CHAM International Conference (21st and 23rd of July 2021) is open. 

Panels proposals should include a title, an abstract of the topic and a short academic biography of the proponent(s). Conference Panels have an open format in order to include future papers submissions. Proposals will only be considered if submitted at the Conference platform below.




We invite scholars from all humanities and social sciences, as well as from related natural and environmental sciences, to submit panel proposals on the following themes:

  • Boundaries of knowledge and disciplinary work: frontiers between the humanities, the social and the natural sciences.

  • Urban frontiers: inclusion and segregation in contemporary cities.

  • Ecologies of identity. Fluid boundaries: Renegotiating gender identity.

  • Mestizo mindscapes and the new frontiers of racial constructs in the 21st century.

  • Earth unbound: indigenous leaderships and ecocultures.

  • Humans vs non-humans and other forms of specist boundaries.

  • Temporalities, chronologies and the organization of time.

  • Expansion, Resistance and Negotiation: agency at the edges of the European Empires.

  • Nationalisms and the definition of frontiers.

  • Overcoming frontiers: migrations and forced displacements.

  • A world of trade: hubs, economic zones and global routes.

  • Science at the Frontier: exploration, plunder and restoration.

  • Confinement and self-isolation in pandemic times.

  • Climatic change and citizenship.

  • Beyond natural borders: land and sea heritage.


The call for panels for the V CHAM International Conference is open until December 20th 2020



Call for Panels: 13.11.2020 - 20.12.2020
Communication of Panels Acceptance: 10.01.2021

Call for Papers: 10.01.2021 - 28.02.2021
Communication of Papers Acceptance: 20.03.2021