Place, Displacement, and Memory in the Literature of Exile

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Call for Papers
April 12, 2018 to April 15, 2018
Pennsylvania, United States
Subject Fields: 
American History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Intellectual History, Literature, World History / Studies

This session invites papers that focus on the literature of writers who write from and about the position of an exiled “outsider,” examining how literary art endeavors to contain, craft, and create that which is remembered. Broadly speaking, the session will consider the ways in which literature can represent and reproduce the human, social, cultural, historical and political experiences of exile, whether an exiled individual experiences a forceful expatriation, a voluntary emigration, or even an internal exile. Of a particular interest will be papers that consider the role that literature might play in creating a sense of community for immigrants, refugees, and other people living in various forms of exile. Papers that focus on the ways narratives of recollection and forgetting produce the particular transport and recovery accessible through literary experience will also be welcome. Plase sumbit your abstracts by September 30, 2017, using the NeMLA submission sytem at