New issue of Bulletin of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies now available!

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The latest issue of Bulletin of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies is now available! The official peer-reviewed journal of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, BSPHS embraces a cross-disciplinary approach, publishing individual or coauthored scholarly articles of historical content and/or historical relevance in History, Literary Studies, Historical Sociology, Historical Anthropology, Art History, and similar fields.

Volume 47, issue 1 includes articles by Karl McLaughlin, Nick Sharman, and Seonghek Kang. It also includes a special dossier on "New Currents in Iberian History," with state-of-the-field articles by Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Andrew W. Devereaux, Allyson M. Poska, Erin Kathleen Rowe, Jessica Davidson, Andreas Stucki, and Joshua Goode, together with an introduction by Katie Harris and Pamela Radcliff.

Table of Contents:


Influence and Skulduggery: What the Vetting of Inquisition Officials in 17th-Century Spain Reveals about the Family of Catalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán (1618-c.1685)
Karl McLaughlin - Manchester Metropolitan University

Liberal Protectionism in Nineteenth Century Spain: An Alternative Route to Economic Modernization
Nick Sharman - University of Nottingham

City between a Striped Flag and a Bisected Banner: Contested Imagination of Barcelona between Catalan Nationalism and Anarcho-Syndicalism in Twentieth Century Spain
Seonghek Kang - Penn State University

Special Issue: New Currents in Iberian History

Introduction: New Currents in Iberian History: Old Boundaries and New Bridges
Katie Harris - University of California, Davis and Pamela Radcliff - University of California, San Diego

Making Women, Masculinity, Same-Gender Desire, and the GenderQueer Visible in Medieval Iberian History
Michelle Armstrong-Partida - Emory University

Peninsularity: Iberian Studies and the Mediterranean Turn
Andrew W. Devereux - University of California, San Diego

Hidden in Plain Sight: Recent Scholarship in Women’s History, Gender History, and Sexuality Studies
Allyson M. Poska - Mary Washington University

Race in Early Modern Iberia
Erin Kathleen Rowe - Johns Hopkins University

Recent Scholarship in Gender and Sexuality in Modern Iberian History: Reinforcing Agency, Locating Cross-Cultural Connections, and Integrating Sexualities
Jessica Davidson - James Madison University

From “Normalization” to Global History: Empire and Colonialism in Modern Iberian Historiography
Andreas Stucki - University of Bern

When Was(n’t) There Race in Spain: New Trends in the Study of an Old Idea in Spain’s Past, Present and Future
Joshua Goode - Claremont Graduate University


Obituary of John H. Elliott (1930-2022)
Richard L. Kagan and Geoffrey Parker

Book Reviews

Review of Theresa Earenfight, Catherine of Aragon: Infanta of Spain, Queen of England
Marie A. Kelleher - California State University, Long Beach

Review of Natalia Silva Prada, Pasquines, cartas y enemigos: Cultura del lenguaje infamante en Nueva Granada y otros reinos americanos, siglos XVI y XVII
Luis Corteguera - University of Kansas

Review of Sylvia Z. Mitchell, Queen, Mother, Stateswoman: Mariana of Austria and the Government of Spain
Kristy Wilson Bowers - University of Missouri

Review of Beatriz Blasco Esquivias, Jonatan Jair López Muñoz, and Sergio Ramiro Ramírez, eds., Las mujeres y las artes. Mecenas, artistas, emprendedoras, coleccionistas
Vanessa de Cruz Medina - Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

Review of Aurora G. Morcillo, (In)Visible Acts of Resistance in the Twilight of the Franco Regime: A Historical Narration
Andrea Davis - Arkansas State University

Review of Simon Kuper, The Barcelona Complex: Lionel Messi and the Making — and Unmaking — of the World’s Greatest Soccer Club
Andrew H. Lee - New York University