New to Open Access: Language and Education in the Lusophone Countries: Theory and Practice - A Modern Languages Open Special Collection

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Modern Languages Open, a fully open access platform, is pleased to announce the publication of a new Special Collection titled Language and Education in the Lusophone Countries: Theory and Practice / Língua e educação nos países lusófonos: teoria e prática.

Edited by Dr Nicola Bermingham (University of Liverpool) along with guest editors Dr Paul O’Neill (University of Sheffield) and Professor Alexandre Timbane (Universidade de Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-Brasileira, Malês, Brasil).

Contributions examine the tensions between the linguistic diversity in the Lusophone world, and the largely monolingual education systems that remain in place to this day. Taking the education system as a key site for the reproduction as well as the contestation of inequality, the issue reflects on how deeply engrained monolingual and monoglossic ideologies serve to marginalise local languages and local varieties of Portuguese, and the implications this has for access to and participation in education, and for broader questions of social mobility and social justice. As such, this issue takes a critical approach and contends that linguistic research can make a crucial contribution to understanding key social, ideological and political power struggles.

This special collection brings together both academics and practitioners working on language and education in the Lusophone world and is bilingual in English and Portuguese, thus maximising opportunities for dissemination and impact and challenging the anglocentricity of academic scholarship.


Collection Articles

Introduction: Ideological and Theoretical Considerations to Postcolonial Education in the Lusophone Countries
Nicola Bermingham, Paul O’Neill

Language and Education in Brazil: Linguistic Structural Problems and Their Historical Origins
Paul O’Neill

Língua, Educação e Sociedade em Moçambique: Assimilação, Uniformização e Aceno à Unidade na Diversidade
Feliciano Chimbutane

The “Access Paradox” in Bilingual Education in Cabo Verde
Nicola Bermingham, Renee DePalma, Luzia Oca Gonzalez

Kriolu na Skóla?! – uma necessidade real em Cabo Verde
Ana Josefa Cardoso

Educación intercultural e aprendizaxe de linguas na atención ó alumnado caboverdiano do IES Monte Castelo de Burela (Galicia)
Elena Samartino López

Proposta de Concepção de Dicionário de Português: um projecto em curso assente em análise de corpus sobre a variedade angolana
Márcio Edu de Silva Undolo

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"The Lusophone countries with their complex colonial histories and differing rates of Portuguese speakers offer a new way to view issues relating to language and education, especially the importance of viewing such issues in a wider historical and social context. ".
- Dr Nicola Bermingham (University of Liverpool).

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