About H-Net Reviews

What is H-Net Reviews?

H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences is an online scholarly review resource that has been publishing reviews since 1993. Review editors from individual H-Net networks choose books for review and seek out qualified reviewers for them. Reviews are published on the H-Net Commons (via individual networks) and on the H-Review listserv. For more information on H-Net's reviewing policies, please consult H-Net's Review Standards and Guidelines.

ISSN 1538-0661

How do I submit my book for review?

H-Net commissions reviews through network review editors, and not in response to direct solicitations from book authors. To inform review editors that your book is available, you may want to visit the Networks Listing, take a look at our networks, and decide whether or not we have an appropriate network before you send us the book. If you would like to mail us a copy of your book, please send it to:

      H-Net Reviews
      Old Horticulture, Suite 141H
      506 East Circle Drive
      East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1115

Once the book has arrived in our office, review editors of related lists are notified. Unfortunately not all books we receive are reviewed.

How do I become a reviewer?

All reviews published by H-Net Reviews are commissioned by certified review editors through the various H-Net networks. If you are interested in reviewing, please contact the review editor associated with your network(s) of interest. To learn if a network has active review editors, please check the Staff List on the network's front page. (The list of all H-Net networks is here. Click on the editor's name and use the contact link.)

H-Net subscribers can also indicate an interest in reviewing directly in their H-Net Commons profile. This short video details how to fill out your profile.

To whom do I send my completed review?

When you complete your review for H-Net, you should upload it to the Reviews Management System (RMS) or return it by email to the review editor who assigned it. Instructions on using the RMS for reviewers can be found here. If you do not remember the network or assigning review editor, you can write to revhelp@mail.h-net.msu.edu for assistance.

Are there any specific formatting guidelines I need to use?

Please see our formatting guidelines.

Will I be notified when my review is published?

Most review editors contact their reviewers when a review is published. However, some may not. The H-Net home office does not contact reviewers when their reviews are published.

Will I be notified if my book is chosen for review?

Some review editors contact the author of the book they have chosen to review when the review is published. However, some do not. The H-Net home office does not contact authors when books are mailed out for review, but all reviews are posted to the H-Review listserv and tweeted via @HNet_Reviews.

Can I respond to a published review of my book?

Yes, any network subscriber can use our moderated networks to respond to a published review using the Reply box at the bottom of any review. You must be logged into the H-Net Commons and a network subscriber in order to post.

How may reviews are published a year?

Over 1500 reviews are published on H-Net Reviews every year.

How can I contact the H-Net Reviews office?