For Review Editors (and Potential Editors)

Who can be a review editor for H-Net Reviews?

Review editors at H-Net assign reviews of new books, exhibitions, conference presentations, documentary films, multimedia, and other teaching materials to qualified reviewers. In general, to qualify as a review editor for an H-Net network, an applicant should possess a Ph.D. or a terminal degree in a relevant field, or equivalent professional experience and should have experience writing reviews. Publishing and editing experience are also desirable. For more information, please read the H-Net Council's description of review editor qualities.

Are any networks currently looking for review editors?

Calls for new editors are regularly featured in H-Net This Week under Network News, please browse recent issues for current calls. If you are a network subscriber and wish to help start a reviews program on your network, please write to the Managing Editor of H-Net Reviews, Emily Joan Elliott at

What is the process for becoming a review editor for H-Net Reviews?

Review editors at H-Net must submit a review editor application and networks must provide a network endorsement. Completed applications are put up to the H-Net Council for certification every Monday, which is a process that takes one week. After that, new review editors undergo a brief training on H-Net's reviewing policies and the online Reviews Management System (RMS).

How long do review editor serve? How do I end my term?

Review editors serve two-year renewable terms. If you wish to end your term early, please notify your network's current editorial board and H-Net's VP for Research & Publications (

I am a current review editor, where can I find answers to other questions?

Please visit E-Review, the private network for H-Net review editors or email the managing editor of H-Net Reviews (