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How do I get my material reviewed on H-Net?

H-Net graciously accepts new scholarly works for review consideration. Unless other arrangements have been made, please send books to:

      H-Net Reviews
      Old Horticulture, Suite 141H
      506 East Circle Drive      
      East Lansing, MI  48824-1115

Who decides what is reviewed?

H-Net's review editors are notified of a book's availability, and if the editors deem it appropriate for their network, they find qualified reviewers. To get a sense of the types of works that are reviewed and which networks have been most active, browse recently published reviews or visit individual networks in your field of interest.

What kinds of materials get reviewed?

For the most part, H-Net subscribers are interested in monographs, textbooks, reference and teaching materials. Our scope is as wide as our list of discussion networks. We often suggest that publishers browse recent reviews or use the reviews search function to find reviews on particular topics. Searching by list, for example, will tell you which lists have been most actively reviewing, and perhaps give you a feel for the types of material they prefer.

Can multiple networks review the same book?

Yes, different networks may request to review the same title for H-Net Reviews. Please keep in mind that each network has its own list of subscribers, so having a book reviewed on multiple networks will attract the attention of different readers. Furthermore, reviewers on different networks may emphasize different disciplinary issues and perspectives, so multiple reviews on H-Net will often illuminate different sides of a book's argument.

How can I get in touch with an individual review editor?

To find review editors on an individual network, please visit the network's Staff listing. Click on any editor's User profile and follow the Contact link in the right-hand menu to send them a message. To write to a network's editorial board, please visit the network front page and follow the Write the editors link in the network menu.

Do any networks specifically review textbooks?

No networks currently focus their reviews on textbooks, although H-Teach reviews books related to teaching history and from time to time other lists have commissioned reviews on teaching materials.

Will I receive a copy of published reviews of my company’s books?

Yes, our staff sends out notices to publishers within four weeks of their review appearing on H-Net Reviews. To update your contact information in our publisher database, please notify us at We also tweet published reviews via @HNet_Reviews.

Who should I contact if I have a question about a book I submitted for review?

You should contact our clerks at

What are your circulation numbers?

The combined sum of all the H-Net network subscriptions exceeds 100,000. In any given week the H-Net web pages are visited a total of over 200,000 times. The reviews archive steadily receives more than 5000 visits per week; 10,000-plus hits in a week is not unusual.

Who are your subscribers?

Our discussion lists began as a consortium of topical discussion lists for history professors, and to this day professors and professional scholars form an important subscriber core. More recently however, H-Net has found an audience among graduate students, librarians, independent scholars, high school teachers, and the educated lay public. You can browse our editors and subscribers in the People Directory.

Where can I announce recent titles?

The H-Net Book Channel is H-Net's book announcement service. Individuals can submit their new titles, while publishers can email new catalogs using the our sample spreadsheet to