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The following reviews were posted to the H-Net Commons between
09 May 2022 and 16 May 2022.

Reviewed for H-LatAm by Katherine E. Bliss
   Drinot, Paulo.  _Sexual Question: A History of Prostitution in
   Peru, 1850s–1950s, The_.  Cambridge Latin American Studies
   Series. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.
   Illustrations. xv + 313 pp.  $31.99, ISBN 978-1-108-71728-1.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=55738

Reviewed for H-War by Peggy McWeeney
   Williams, Paul D.; Bellamy, with Alex J..  _Understanding
   Peacekeeping_.  3rd ed. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2021.  Maps,
   tables, figures. 496 pp.  $29.95, ISBN 978-0-7456-8672-1.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=56729
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Reviewed for H-War by Sean Scanlon
   Leebaert, Derek.  _Grand Improvisation: America Confronts the
   British Superpower, 1945-1957_.  New York: Farrar, Straus and
   Giroux, 2018.  624 pp.  $35.00, ISBN 978-0-374-25072-0.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=56751
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Reviewed for H-War by Ryan W. Booth
   Callahan, Raymond; Marston, Daniel.  _1945 Burma Campaign and the
   Transformation of the British Indian Army, The_.  Modern War
   Studies Series. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2021.
   Illustrations, maps. x + 280 pp.  $34.95, ISBN 978-0-7006-3041-7.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57018
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Reviewed for H-CivWar by Chris Fobare
   Bordewich, Fergus M..  _Congress at War: How Republican Reformers
   Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery, and Remade
   America_.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2020.  Illustrations. xx +
   450 pp.  $32.50, ISBN 978-0-451-49444-3.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57066
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Reviewed for H-Early-America by Stephanie Jannenga
   Edling, Max M.; Kastor, Peter J., eds..  _Washington's Government:
   Charting the Origins of the Federal Administration_.  Early
   American Histories Series. Charlottesville: University of Virginia
   Press, 2021.  x + 280 pp.  $45.00, ISBN 978-0-8139-4614-6.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57289

Reviewed for H-Nationalism by Timothy Roberts
   Tucker, Ann L..  _Newest Born of Nations: European Nationalist
   Movements and the Making of the Confederacy_.  Charlottesville:
   University of Virginia Press, 2020.  272 pp.  $45.00, ISBN 978-0-
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57382

Reviewed for H-Poland by Joanna Sliwa
   Janicka, Elżbieta; Żukowski, Tomasz.  _Philo-Semitic Violence:
   Poland's Jewish Past in New Polish Narratives_.  Lanham: Lexington
   Books, 2021.  ix + 270 pp.  $110.00, ISBN 978-1-79363-669-0.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57383

Reviewed for H-Nationalism by Lauren Haumesser
   Gallman, J. Matthew.  _Cacophony of Politics: Northern Democrats
   and the American Civil War (A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil
   War Era), The_.  Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press,
   2021.  416 pp.  $35.00, ISBN 978-0-8139-4656-6.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57418

Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Bernice L. Hausman
   Goldenberg, Maya J..  _Vaccine Hesitancy: Public Trust, Expertise,
   and the War on Science_.  Science, Values, and the Public Series.
   Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2021.  272 pp.
   $45.00, ISBN 978-0-8229-4655-7.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57602
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Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Wee-Siang M. Ng
   Fang, Xiaoping.  _China and the Cholera Pandemic: Restructuring
   Society under Mao_.  Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press,
   2021.  312 pp.  $55.00, ISBN 978-0-8229-4662-5.
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57606
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Reviewed for H-Buddhism by Palden Gyal
   Catanese, Alex John.  _Buddha in the Marketplace: The
   Commodification of Buddhist Objects in Tibet (Traditions and
   Transformations in Tibetan Buddhism)_.  Charlottesville:
   University of Virginia Press, 2019.  334 pp.  $39.50, ISBN 978-0-
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57651
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Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Theo Dekker
   Penschow, Jennifer D..  _Battling Smallpox before Vaccination:
   Inoculation in Eighteenth-Century Germany_.  Clio Medica Series.
   Leiden: Brill, 2022.  Illustrations. 312 pp.  $150.00, ISBN 978-90-
Review - http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=57659