H-APS Welcome

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to H-Associational and Philanthropic Studies (H-APS), a network dedicated to analyzing modes of giving, meanings of giving, and relationships of giving to other forms of societal interactions such as associational life and democratic participation.  We welcome your contributions to this important discussion.  In the United States, for example, more people give to formal charities or join voluntary associations than vote in public elections, thus philanthropy and volunteerism are major ways Americans participate in democracy. On a global level, philanthropic and associational dynamics are basic forms of human interaction, which create points of encounter across cultures and nations.

This network will take a broad-based approach to defining and understanding the positive and negative implications of philanthropic as well as associational action. Broadly defined, philanthropic studies is a multidisciplinary field examining philanthropic dynamics and associational life, which are basic forms of human interaction that undergird all societies and create connections that go beyond national borders. H-APS emphasizes the humanistic study of philanthropic and self-organizing activities including historical frames of references, ethical dimensions, and religious traditions. We are glad you can join the dialogue and welcome your feedback and participation.



Gregory R. Witkowski



Peter C. Weber