Feeding the Elephant - Peer Review Resources

Kendra Wheeler Discussion

Greeting all!

In light of global Peer Review Week - which just passed (September 16th-20th) - and on behalf of Catherine Cocks, Yelena Kalinsky, myself, and Feeding the Elephant, we would like to share a list of Peer Review Resources that we hope you will find useful. The list is organized by category, following this month's Feeding the Elephant topics: Introductions to Peer Review, Professional Standards, Diversity & Inclusion, and Open Review.

We invite readers to suggest other helpful resources, tips, and guidelines for thinking about peer reivew in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Simply reply to any of the Feeding the Elephant posts or Tweet at us using the hashtag #FeedingTheElephant!

You can find the list  here: Peer Review Resources

--Feeding the Elephant team