Medical Humanities Dissertations

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John Erlen of the University of Pittsburgh has been compiling a monthly list of PhD. dissertations in medical history arranged by topic.

The topics are broad, so you may find the compilation of interest even if you are working in a different field.  Here is a list of the topics:

    AIDS (Social and Historical Contexts)

    Alternative Medicine (Social and Historical Contexts)
    Art and Medicine
    Biomedical Ethics
    Disabilities Studies
    History of Medicine - prior to 1800
    History of Medicine and Health Care
    History of Science and Technology
    Human Sexuality
    Literature/Theater and Medicine
    Nursing History
    Pharmacy/Pharmacology and History
    Philosophy and Medicine
    Psychiatry/Psychology and History
    Public Health/International Health
    Religion and Medicine
    Substance Abuse
    Women's Health and History

The theses can either be downloaded through a university library or purchased directly from ProQuest