How Do Publishers 'Really' Decide Whether to Publish Your Book Manuscript?

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January 6, 2021
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Ancient History, Arabic History / Studies, Archaeology, Classical Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies

Dear H-Net Readers,

I want to invite you to join us for the first interview of our ‘Publication Success Interview Series’, where we will discuss how publishers really decide whether to publish your manuscript.

I will be speaking with Katie Chin, Acquisitions Editor at Brill Publishers, about why she accepts or rejects manuscripts, and about practical tools for increasing scholars' chances of being published - and quickly. 

Join us for the interview on January 26 at 16:30.


Attendance is free of charge, and there is a registration link above. If you are interested but can't attend, you can register and we will send you a recording. 


Avi Staiman

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Avi Staiman

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I just tried to register for this but registration requires a university and department affiliation. Not exactly independent scholar friendly. Am I missing something? Thank you.

Susan Walters Schmid

As one of the list moderators, I regret that you encountered snags while trying to register for this interview event. I myself just registered, using my research project name, and giving my "university" as "Independent Scholar." I hope you'll find that an approach like this will work for you. The registration page does mention that a recording will be available afterwards in case you are unable to register.
Barbara Williams Ellertson

Hi Susan,

I registered for this without a problem (I think). Did you write "independent scholar" in the box asking for affiliation?


Hi Susan,

I just now registered for this without a problem. Put 'Independent Researcher' for both University and Department. And for the last drop down list 'Not an academic'. Hope this helps.

Take care,

Thank you all for the suggestions. I was able to register successfully.