Preserving twenty-first century scholarship

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Below is an excerpt and link from an article about the efforts of the Internet Archive to preserve research that was published in defunct open access journals.  It is entitled  "The Internet Archive Has a New Tool to Save Research Papers From Vanishing" by Samantha Cole for the Vice Media website, Sep 17 2020

"Following a shocking report that hundreds of journals have been lost online, the Internet Archive Scholar lets users search open-access works and add their own to a catalog. .... Decades ago, librarians were the careful custodians of research in the sciences and humanities; today, if an institution stops paying for web hosting or changes servers, the research within could disappear.Between 2000 and 2019, nearly 200 open-access journals and the research papers they published have vanished from the internet, according to a new study published on arxiv preprint server. Nine-hundred more inactive, open-access journals are also at high risk of vanishing in the near future, the researchers found."